In the heart of a sacred space, a perfume named “Sacrilege” captures the essence of serenity and reverence. It opens with saffron, an opulent and exotic note, warming the soul like the soft glow of candlelight. Bergamot, bright and citrusy, complements the saffron with freshness, akin to the first rays of dawn breaking through stained glass windows. A hint of spiciness and vibrancy from pink pepper infuses the air, much like the lively energy that fills a place of worship.

As the heart unfolds, a deeply sensual Rose Absolute evokes the feeling of a passionate embrace within a sacred sanctuary. Jasmine Sambac introduces a sweet and captivating floral dimension, reminiscent of a garden in full bloom, while Orris Root adds a powdery, earthy nuance, akin to the earth’s loving embrace. Ylang-Ylang contributes a creamy and exotic floral richness, akin to a tropical breeze, making the heart of “Sacrilege” a divine bouquet of emotions.

The base notes, with Cade Wood’s smoky dance of fire, Sandalwood’s creamy earthiness, Amber’s warm and sweet embrace, and Vetiver’s grounding sophistication, reflect the peace and depth of a spiritual space where one finds serenity and inner harmony. “Sacrilege” is an olfactory journey into the sacred, inviting you to experience the mysterious divine within.

Layering suggestion: Sacrilege and Ladri di Fichi

50ML Hand-Made Gender Neutral Extrait de Parfum

SACRILEGE – Extrait de parfum


Saffron – The supreme opulence of saffron, warm and exotic, sets the stage.
Bergamot – A bright and citrusy top note that complements saffron with freshness, like the first rays of dawn.
Pink Pepper – Adding a hint of spiciness and vibrancy to the opening, infusing a lively energy.
Tuscan Iris – A velvety touch of Tuscan Iris adds a powdery elegance to the initial impression.


Rose Absolute – A deeply sensual and luxurious floral heart note, reminiscent of a passionate embrace.
Jasmine Sambac – Introducing a sweet and captivating floral dimension, like a garden in full bloom.
Peonia – Peony brings a subtle, rosy undertone that adds a touch of romance to fragrance.
Ylang-Ylang – Contributing a creamy and exotic floral richness to the heart, akin to a tropical breeze.


Cade Wood – The leathery fumes of burning Cade wood, a dominant and smoky base note, like the mesmerizing dance of fire.
Sandalwood – Enhancing the woody depth with a creamy and earthy texture, as if grounded in the forest.


Each bottle of INVERSO PROFUMI is made by hand with oils sources from all over the world. Every 50ml vial arrives accompanied by an individually handwritten or numbered label, exemplifying an artisanal touch. Securely ensconced within an elegant drawstring pouch, your precious elixir is poised to accompany you on your journeys, becoming an ever-present companion on your path of refinement and grace.

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