“Charlotte” is a fragrance that captures the essence of timeless elegance, like the gentle whisper of autumn in Paris. It opens with a luminous overture of Bergamot, casting a radiant citrusy glow that enchants the senses. As the fragrance unfurls, a lush bouquet of Jasmine and Rose, graced by the delicate Osmanthus, unveils a sensuous and romantic heart. Exotic Myrrh adds depth, and Patchouli contributes an earthy complexity.

In the base, Tonka Bean imparts a sweet and comforting caress, while Agarwood, Oak Wood, and Sandalwood create a mysterious and woody finale. This fragrant composition weaves a narrative of enduring elegance, reminiscent of the refined and sophisticated moments experienced during autumn in the City of Light.

“Charlotte” is not just a fragrance; it’s a poetic embodiment of sophistication and the art of perfumery at its finest.

50ML Hand-Made Gender Neutral Extrait de Parfum


Bergamot – Bright and citrusy top note that offers a fresh and zesty opening.
Cognac – Luxurious and spirited note that introduces a rich, boozy character.
Elemi – Elemi resin provides a zesty, lemony, and slightly balsamic quality, adding complexity to the top notes.
Apple – Crisp and fruity note of apple adds a fresh and enticing facet to the top notes.
Cinnamon – Cinnamon infuses a warm and spicy aroma, enriching the top with a comforting complexity.


Jasmine – Lush jasmine introduces a sensuous and floral dimension to the heart, creating depth and allure.
Rose – Velvety rose blossoms within the heart, lending a subtle and romantic floral aspect.
Myrrh – Myrrh contributes a balsamic and sacred note, enhancing the heart with an exotic touch.
Patchouli – Patchouli deepens the heart with an earthy and darkly aromatic character, adding complexity and depth.


Tonka Bean – Tonka bean introduces a sweet and aromatic facet to the base, creating a comforting and warm foundation.
Agarwood – Agarwood, also known as Oud, is intensified in the base, providing a deep and mysterious woody character.


Each bottle of INVERSO PROFUMI is made by hand with oils sources from all over the world. Every 50ml vial arrives accompanied by an individually handwritten or numbered label, exemplifying an artisanal touch. Securely ensconced within an elegant drawstring pouch, your precious elixir is poised to accompany you on your journeys, becoming an ever-present companion on your path of refinement and grace.

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