With four distinct varieties of lavender, INCANTESIMO defies convention, presenting a fresh and modern interpretation of this timeless scent. It’s a departure from the familiar, offering a unique olfactory journey. Perfect for those sultry summer days, akin to the balanced allure of a well-crafted Rosé, INCANTESIMO mirrors its delicate blush, inviting serenity and renewal. Its initial burst of invigorating citrus, entwined with subtle herbal nuances, encourages you to surrender to tranquility.

Picture yourself strolling through a lavender field under the warm sun, each step infused with a calming sense of relaxation. A spritz of INCANTESIMO before bedtime enhances your journey to dreamland, as the comforting embrace of tonka bean and vanilla gently lulls you into a serene slumber.

Think of INCANTESIMO as a magical elixir that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. It’s the embodiment of summer’s essence, capturing the delicate balance between freshness and warmth.

50ml hand-made unisex extrait de parfum

INCANTESIMO – Extrait de Parfum


White Lavender: Delicately floral with a clean and powdery scent, evokes a sense of calm and purity.
Rosemary and Bergamot: Herbal and citrusy, combines the aromatic freshness of rosemary with the uplifting essence of bergamot.


Purple Lavender: Rich and aromatic, with a slightly sweeter undertone compared to white lavender, creates depth and complexity.
Lavandula Angustifolia (or English Lavender): True lavender, with a soothing and therapeutic aroma, offers a sense of relaxation and tranquility.
Lavandula Nana: A petite variety of lavender, exudes a gentle and subtle fragrance, adding a soft touch to the composition.
Sage and Coriander: Herbal and spicy, with a hint of earthiness, contributes warmth and character.
Geranium: Floral and slightly fruity, with a rosy aroma, provides a soft and romantic nuance.
Cypress: Woody and green, reminiscent of a forest breeze, imparts a sense of vitality and strength.
Rosemary: Herbal and invigorating, with a woody undertone, enhances the aromatic bouquet.


Amber: Resinous and warm, Amber forms a rich and enduring foundation.
Vanilla: Sweet and creamy, Vanilla adds a comforting and indulgent sweetness.
Tonka Bean: Sweet and nutty, with hints of vanilla and almond, adds depth and richness to the fragrance.

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Each bottle of INVERSO PROFUMI is made by hand with oils sources from all over the world. Every 50ml vial arrives accompanied by an individually handwritten or numbered label, exemplifying an artisanal touch. Securely ensconced within an elegant drawstring pouch, your precious elixir is poised to accompany you on your journeys, becoming an ever-present companion on your path of refinement and grace.

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