At INVERSO PROFUMI, we pour our passion into creating distinctive, handcrafted perfumes. As each item is meticulously crafted and our small perfumery operates on a very limited production scale, our return policy does not permit returns or refunds. Your understanding of this unique aspect of our process is sincerely appreciated.

We recommend starting with a Discovery Set before committing to full bottles, especially if you’re uncertain about specific ingredients. Choosing a fragrance is a personal journey, and reactions can vary. By buying our perfumes, you’re acknowledging your research and understanding that we aren’t liable for any allergic reactions.

One more thing. Some resins might make the juice appear slightly opaque—totally normal.

If there’s a must-try scent in the Discovery Set, DM us on Instagram. If we have it, we’ll definitely include it in your set. Keep in mind that olfactory pyramids on product pages are for general reference only, not binding contracts.

Ground shipping is available within the continental United States, taking up to 10 -14 days. Holidays may delay delivery, but we’ll always let you know when your order shipped and provide you with a tracking number.

Thanks for embarking on this olfactory journey with INVERSO PROFUMI!

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