In the mystical village of Eterea, nestled between realms where time intertwined with the ethereal, a fragrance was conjured—an olfactive fairy tale known as ETEREA. As the first light of dawn bathed the cobblestone streets, a shimmering aura of Bergamot unfolded, a chapter that seemed to dance with the whispers of enchanted mornings.

Within the heart of ETEREA, the ethereal essence became palpable. Tuberose, a mystical protagonist, exuded a sultry sweetness that felt like a fragrance woven by otherworldly hands. Jasmine, her otherworldly companion, added a heady allure, and Coriander, a spirited co-conspirator, contributed a vibrant complexity that resonated with the mystical air. Aromatic Thyme, akin to herbs touched by magical dew, grounded the narrative with warm, earthy notes, connecting the fragrance to the mystical heartbeat of the village.

As the sun dipped beyond the horizon, ETEREA’s allure transcended the ordinary. Tuberose, the timeless enchantress, continued her captivating presence, casting a spell that seemed to echo in the realm of dreams. Orange, a zesty sprite, whispered tales of vitality, while Musk, a soft and ethereal companion, left an intimate trace like a fleeting wisp of magic. Vanilla, sweet and comforting, became the rich foundation upon which dreams and ethereal encounters were woven.

In the heart of Eterea, the fragrance became an ethereal short story, each note a magical chapter, and the name, ETEREA, a whispered promise of enduring enchantment in the village where time danced with the mystical.

ETEREA – Extract the Parfum


Bergamot imparts a radiant and invigorating citrus brilliance, establishing a vibrant and uplifting opening for fragrances.
Eucalyptus introduces a crisp and invigorating note, evoking a refreshing, mentholated quality reminiscent of cool, aromatic woodlands


Tuberose, a sultry and floral heart note, exudes a captivating, creamy sweetness with an alluring hint of sensuality, adding depth and allure to fragrances.
Jasmine, a fragrant bloom within the heart notes, imparts a heady and exotic floral quality, radiating elegance and seduction, enriching the overall olfactive profile.
Coriander, positioned in the heart, contributes a spicy and citrusy vibrancy with a nuanced floral complexity, elevating the fragrance with lively sophistication.
Thyme, an aromatic and herbaceous heart note, adds a warm and earthy depth to perfume compositions, creating a harmonious and grounding essence.


In the realm of base notes, Eterea’s Tuberose prevails, weaving a sultry floral tale, radiating creamy allure and lingering sensuality. As an Eterea base, Orange imparts a zesty burst for lasting freshness. Eterea’s Musk, a soft and sensual anchor, layers an enduring skin-like embrace, crafting an intimate Eterea trail. Nestled in the Eterea base, Vanilla emanates sweet warmth, forming an indulgent Eterea foundation that envelops wearers in cozy allure.


Each bottle of INVERSO PROFUMI is made by hand with oils sources from all over the world. Every 50ml vial arrives accompanied by an individually handwritten or numbered label, exemplifying an artisanal touch. Securely ensconced within an elegant drawstring pouch, your precious elixir is poised to accompany you on your journeys, becoming an ever-present companion on your path of refinement and grace.

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