Inspired by the captivating “Private” series of black and white Corporal Landscape photographs by Kristina Nazarevskaia, exploring the harmonious interplay of natural landscapes and the exquisite contours of the female form, we introduce a fragrance that echoes this essence – PRIVATE. This olfactory masterpiece radiates sophistication and timeless allure, unveiling a symphonic harmony of notes that evoke an air of refinement and grace.

At the forefront of PRIVATE, the vibrant zest of bergamot and the crisp notes of lemon come together in perfect accord, elegantly complemented by the warm embrace of saffron and a subtle infusion of pink pepper, creating a uniquely private sensory journey. As the heart notes gently unfurl, the enigmatic essence of Black Oud wood takes center stage, revealing its deep and captivating character, elegantly softened by velvety rose and enriched with the grounding presence of patchouli, reserved for a truly private olfactory experience.

A harmonious blend of creamy sandalwood, sweet amber, comforting vanilla, and subtle musk creates a lasting trail of sensual warmth, exclusively tailored for those who seek the the unexpected in extraordinary fragrance encounters. PRIVATE epitomizes unparalleled charm and elegance, offering a unique olfactory experience for those with a discerning appreciation of the extraordinary, as private as the landscapes captured in Nazarevskaia’s photographs.

50ML Hand-Made Gender-Neutral Extrait de Parfum


PRIVATE – Extrait de Parfum

Top Notes:

Bergamot – A bright and citrusy top note that provides a fresh and zesty opening.
Saffron – Brings a warm and exotic spiciness to the top notes.
Pink Pepper – Infuses a subtle spiciness and vibrance.

Heart Notes:

Black Oud – The heart of the fragrance, where the rich and deep aroma of black oud wood takes center stage.
Rose – A velvety and sensuous floral heart note that beautifully complements the oud.
Patchouli – Adds an earthy and darkly aromatic character to the heart, enhancing depth.
Cedarwood – Contributes a woody and aromatic richness that complements the central oud note.

Base Notes:

Sandalwood – Enhances the woody depth with a creamy and earthy texture.
Amber – Provides warmth and sweetness to the base, offering a long-lasting quality.
Vanilla – Adds a soft, sweet, and comforting touch to the base notes.
Musk – Offers a subtle, animalic nuance to the foundation, creating depth and sensuality.


Each bottle of INVERSO PROFUMI is made by hand with oils sources from all over the world. Every 50ml vial arrives accompanied by an individually handwritten or numbered label, exemplifying an artisanal touch. Securely ensconced within an elegant drawstring pouch, your precious elixir is poised to accompany you on your journeys, becoming an ever-present companion on your path of refinement and grace.

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